Ignore non-git repositories

April 09, 2016
Project: goon

This revision makes sure Goon doesn't try to mess around with files in the project dir that aren't Git repositories, by silently ignoring them.

1 files changed, 4 insertions / 1 deletions

diff --git a/goon.scm b/goon.scm
index d164933..c31b8f8 100755
--- a/goon.scm
+++ b/goon.scm
@@ -123,7 +123,10 @@
 (define (read-category dir)
   (map (lambda (x) (repository-open (filepath:combine dir x)))
-       (directory dir)))
+       (filter (lambda (x) 
+                 (and (file-exists? (filepath:combine 
+                                      dir (filepath:combine x ".git")))))
+               (directory dir))))
 (define (read-categories)
   (map (lambda (x) (cons (category-name x) (read-category x)))
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