Tsundoku Pile

The Japanese have a fantastic word, tsundoku, which succinctly describes the state of my home and (at times) my intellectual habits. It roughly translates to "the act of acquiring books faster than one can read them, so that they pile up unread". The word itself literally means "reading pile", and originated as a pun on tsunde oku (piling things up) and doku (reading). I love this word, and so I try to use it in everyday Danish and English. With some effort, it might eventually work its way into a collectively understood concept among speakers of those languages, like sushi, karaoke or bonsai. In fact, if Japanese popular words are a scarce resource, I'd be very happy if it replaced karaoke.

I've digitized my own tsundoku pile, so here it is. Books here hopefully end up among my reviews over time — but true to form, the pile is ever growing.

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