Star Wars

January 20, 2016

Probably the very definition of modern epic Space Opera — and like much of that genre, it is in many ways more akin to fantasy than to typical science fiction. It has all the trappings of classic fantasy: Wizards! Knights! A magical Force! Princesses! Social station and moral status totally determined by family relations! Unambiguously heroic heroes and unambiguously evil villains! There's no attempt to ground any of the fantastic gadgets even in technobabble-style "science". A speeder bike hovers because it has a repulsorlift. A lightsaber is made using a special, naturally-occurring crystal that happens to emit plasma blades. Of course, Faster-Than-Light travel Just Works, and doesn't cause time paradoxes.

Both the canonical movie universe and the recently-declared-noncanon Legends (formerly the "Expanded Universe") are huge, incredibly detailed settings that readily admit elaborate fan theories.


Fan Theories & Speculation

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