March 24, 2016

Moloch is an allcaps sans-serif titling font. It's designed for use with Cyclura, but can certainly be used independently — it shares no design elements with it, beyond both having an unabashedly Modernist spirit. Where Cyclura has expressionist calligraphic elements, Moloch is 100% Machine Age, inspired by early 20th Century "Industrial Gothic" grotesque types, the kind you might see on newspaper headlines, mass-printed tickets or whatnot. It's quite condensed, for both practical and aesthetic reasons: The practical reason is the same as that in newspaper headlines; it allows longer headlines in less space. This also emphasizes its mechanical and manufactured aesthetic, and gives a marked contrast to the expressionist, "neo-humanist" lines of Cyclura.

It's deliberately a rather bland and unadorned typeface, for two reasons. First, this also provides contrast to the very lively and dynamic Cyclura. Second, blandness can provide versatility; if I were to make a very futuristic font, it'd look out-of-place whenever I write about medieval fantasy or the like, and if I were to make a deliberate anachronism (like, say, an uncial or blackletter), then that would look silly when writing about programming or science fiction.

Purely a display face (intended for headings), it only includes uppercase characters, lining numerals and some basic punctuation. It is entirely unsuitable for setting body text.

It's named after a genus of small, spiny ant-eating Australian lizards.


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