February 7, 2016

Goon is a git repository viewer that generates static HTML. This approach comes with both benefits and drawback. The main drawback is that it only supports a proper subset of git operations. The main benefit is that it doesn't require installing an eldritch abomination on your server. It's written in Scheme, and has the following features:

It simply generates pages for each commit as well as a commit history, as well as a large manifest of files, commits, etc. that Plutonium then uses to layout a project page. The project pages are fully integrated with the rest of Plutonium's wiki features. You're looking at a Goon/Plutonium page now.

At the moment, it only supports single-author projects. The primary reason for this crippling deficiency is that I wrote it specifically for my own use on Datarama, where I use it to showcase my code, not to run a community.

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