January 23, 2016

This collection of notes, code, essays, project worklogs, vignettes, epigrams, ideas, aphorisms, rants, literary pretensions and other oddities is a more or less direct descendant of the author's first web presence, a little showcase of Amiga code and various ramblings just before the great modern Creation Myth, the 1990s Internet Boom. That particular site was an abominable concoction of cyan-on-black text, spinning GIF skulls, and the kind of terrible, self-absorbed, pretentious writing characteristic of teenagers. The author is pleased to report that the current iteration is fully free of ill-advised 90's colour schemes and animated body parts, and that age and experience has rendered him far more proficient at self-absorbed, pretentious writing.

Rather than the chronological ordering of a blog, entries are organized using bidirectional links. The entire site forms a connected graph of the author's interests, activities and reflections over time, related by association. There is no implied ordering between entries, no rigid categorization scheme, and indeed no single topic for the site.

Entries are written with Vim (mightiest of text editors), using Vimwiki for edit-time navigation and a custom Scheme program for generating the web of bidirectional links, and indeed the HTML. The entire site is served as static HTML, thereby handily sidestepping a number of annoying performance and security issues.

The purpose of the site is to serve as the author's personal catalog of compulsions past and present, tracing his lifetime trajectory of curiosities, ideas, interests, discoveries, beliefs and creative expressions for future reference. It is a personal expression first and foremost, and is presented in the hopes that it might provide inspiration, enlightenment or entertainment to others. Or, perhaps, serve as a warning.

About the Author

Simon Kongshøj is a medium-sized carbon-based lifeform, classified as a primate. He has bipedal locomotion, an endothermic metabolism, a highly convoluted neocortex and a pair of fully opposable thumbs, all of which he enjoys very much.

He lives on a large rock in orbit around a giant thermonuclear fireball in a nondescript part of the Milky Way Galaxy, with his girlfriend (the loveliest of all primates), and about seven billion other primates. It gets a bit noisy and crowded from time to time, but the view is utterly fantastic.

Born in a highly modernized, socially reformed Viking settlement in 1979, he spent his larval stage messing around with BASIC on a Commodore 64. Like all self-respecting programmers, he outgrew BASIC at puberty, and subsequently spent his entire youth playing Elite and Star Control II, as well as hanging around the Amiga demoscene. Eventually, he drifted into formal computer science studies, eventually earning a master's degree. For a while, he made a living making computer programs, but now he makes computer programmers instead.

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